László Forrai

Associate Professor

Date and Place of Birth

December 22, 1942, Diósgyőr, Hungary


M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Miskolc (1965)
Ph.D. Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest (1994)

Language Skills

Russian, Polish, English, German, French


University of Miskolc, Hungary (1965 - present)
1965-75 Assistant Lecturer
1975-95 Assistant Professor
1995 - Associate Professor

Awards and Memberships

Praise of the Ministry of Education (1983)
Hungarian Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineers(GTE)
Mechanism Subcommittee of the Machine Design Committee (GAB) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA)


Rotordynamics, Theory of Vibrations, Computational Mechanics

Five Representative Publications

Forrai, L., "Vibrations of a rotating asymmetric shaft carrying two disks, supported in asymmetric bearings", Conference on Vibrations in Rotating Machinery , Cambridge, 15-17 September 1976, I. Mech.E., 1976, No. C. 166/76, London, pp. 43-48.
Forrai, L., "Stability of rotor-bearing systems with internal damping using finite elements", Ninth World Congress on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Proceedings Politechnico di Milano, Italy, August 29/September 2, 1995, Vol.2, pp. 1204-1208.
Forrai, L., "Stability analysis of symmetrical rotor-bearing systems with internal damping using finite element method", Presented at the the International Gas Turbine and Aeroengine Congress and Exhibition, Birmingham, UK, June 10-13, 1996, ASME Paper, No. 96-GT-407.
Forrai, L., "Dynamic Stability of Rotor-Bearing Systems with Internal Damping", Proceedings ot the 7th International Symposium on Transport Phenomena and Dynamics of Rotating Machinery (ISROMAC-7), 22-26 February 1998, Honolulu, Hawaii(USA), Vol.A. pp. 202-209.
Forrai, L., "A finite element model for stability analysis of symmetrical rotor systems with internal damping", Journal of Computational and Applied Mechanics, Vol. 1., No. 1, (2000), pp. 37-47.


Department of Mechanics,
University of Miskolc,
Miskolc-Egyetemváros, Miskolc, Hungary 3515
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