Journal of Computational and Applied Mechanics

A publication of the University of Miskolc

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Volume 6 (2005)


Contents of Number 2

 Pages 153–158 
Gyula Béda

Generalized Mindlin's method for the determination of constitutive equations of solids

 Pages 159–173 
Anikó Csébfalvi

Evolution methods for discrete minimal weight design of space trusses with stability constraints

 Pages 175–182 
István Ecsedi and Kornél Dluhi

A reciprocal theorem for steady-state heat conduction problems

 Pages 183–205 
József Farkas

Economy of welded stiffened steel plates and cylindrical shells

 Pages 207–218 
Dávid Felhös, Károly Váradi, Karl Tsotra, and Klaus Fiedrich

Microhardness test of graded SiC/EP rings: Experimental results and FE Modelling

 Pages 219–235 
Dezsö Hegyi and Krisztián Hincz

Long-term analysis of prestressed membrane structures

 Pages 237–256 
Károly Jármai

Particle swarm method as a new tool for structural optimization

 Pages 257–276 
Imre Kozák

Tensors of finite rotations and small strains on the middle surface of a shell

 Pages 277–284 
András Lengyel and Zsolt Gáspár

Compatibility paths of an infinitely degenerate mechanism

 Pages 285–294 
Lidia V. Nazarenko

Three-component discretely-fibrous composites under matrix microdamaging

 Pages 295–309 
Yaroslav Zhuk and Igor Senchenkov

Investigation of the energy characteristics in a layered beam-damper

 Pages 311–319 
Olaf Weckner and E. Emmrich

Numerical simulation of the dynamics of a nonlocal inhomogeneous infinite bar